A meeting dedicated to Victor Smolnikov’s hundred year anniversary.


The first of the meetings dedicated to the100-year anniversary of Viktor Smolnikov, a prominent Russian medic whose life was closely tied to China, planned by Russian New University has occurred December 16, 2014. Many leading Russian and foreign scientists, practicing experts and businessmen has attended. The second meeting which is dedicated to the introduction of this brilliant scientist to the intellectual community, will happen in Guangzhou, and the third is to take place in USA.

Many famous experts of medicine such as P. Smolnikov, O. Bugrovskaya, A.Piregov, V.Potievskaya, F.Svetsky, doctor of culturology, dean of the faculty of humanitarian technology of RNU O.Ivanova, twice the Olympic champion T.Volosojar, “Atom-medcenter” company’s representatives S. Kozlov and CEO I.Roshin, “BIMK-Cardio”’s T.Kasyanova, “MBA Typography”

S O.Morozova and China studies expert I.Smolnikova  have attended to the meeting. Anesthesiology and resuscitation expert A.Zilber and China’s Skating sports federation president Lixin Tong have sent their welcoming letters to the conference.

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