Second edition of the book “Childbirth control” written by the father of Russian anesthesiology V.Smolnikov has been released

It is a reprint of a book originally published in 1938 in Shanghai. The book was written by the father of Russian anesthesiology V.Smolnikov (1914-1994). Author got his education in China and practiced medicine in England for several years. This is what he wrote about childbirth control issues:

“This issue, if analyzed from all perspective possible, differs drastically from if it was analyzed only by one or two science schools. This evident issue has presence in every science, and it is not to be analyzed by experts of those sciences separately, rather they should be synthesized in some common philosophical theme.” “What an instrument, a material entity, a medicine, comfort can do with deterioration which began outside of material realm, in debts of soul that is unbeknownst to us?”. The book contains chapters such as Historical overview; History of Neomaltusianism; Economy aspect; Overpopulation by venerables; vertical fall of childbirth curve in Russia; Birth control and the family; Extinction of family; Aborts; Capitalist marriage vs Communist marriage; Political aspect of the issue; Mussolini and Hitler; Eugenics and birth control; Psycosis growth; Extinction of the best; Moral aspect; Medical aspect; etc.

This book is still relevant. It reveals Neomaltusians’ mistakes in their conclusions and lack of seriousness in their methods.

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